A Secretly Luxurious Happy Hour at Louro


Yesterday, I went on exploratory mission with my friend Matthew to the curiously deserted Louro in the West Village.  This space used to be Low Country. Low Country, Louro.  In the same grey font in the window.  For weeks, I just assumed it was the same place rebranded.   These were the weeks after I just didn’t notice that the signage had changed.   I couldn’t have been the only one.  Louro opened in December, and people, I want it to stick around.

Why?  Free snacks.  My two favorite words in the world together.  Free.  Snacks.

Their happy hour deal is 5:30 to 7:30 PM and then after 10 PM at their spacious, quiet-enough-to-have-a-conversation bar. (Am I showing my age??!)  All their cocktails are $8.  $6 house wine.  $1 oysters. The cocktails were tasty, and the oysters were fresh.

Our fancy, and expectation-exceeding snacks?  Some very tender calamari, freshly made seafood croquettes, and palate cleansing spicy broccoli. Lipsmacking stuff in the perfect little quantities.  When we ordered our second round of cocktails, the bartender offered us more snacks.  Generosity and snacks.

Go, people.  Go now.  Save Louro.

(Apologies for the super terrible photo, the iPhone is unwell.)


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