Hello there!

I started Smartest Cleverest Smartest in earnest in late 2011, as a way to branch out from my everyday job as a landscape architect, and to take a good look at other things that I was interested in, including writing, food, New York City, living well, and the all-encompassing umbrella of cool stuff.

After a year-long ramble, I decided to hone in (mostly) on one of my most favorite topics – food.  The internet is fully stocked with food blogs, from great to middling, but this one I hope will strike a chord with some of you.  To me, food is not precious, nor is it a fetish.  It is sustenance, adventure, and a great binder of friends and family all rolled up in one.  It’s not complicated, intricate, or overwrought.  Food is just awesome.

Smartest Cleverest Smartest includes a curated selection of recipes that are easy, nourishing, and of course, impressively delicious.  Time is precious to all of us, especially for those of us who work during the week – the less steps, the less pots and pans to wash, and the less fussing that needs to happen the better.  Along with recipes, I’ll be including some food-related jaunts in and out of the streets of New York, an interview or two with some inspiring food folks, and yes, the occasional off-topic bit because I get distracted easily.

This is for you.  Because you are the smartest.

Love, Grace

Grace (32!) and her feline sidekicks (5 and 6.25) are cozily ensconced in downtown Manhattan, where cortados run rampant in the streets, and her bike hasn’t been stolen yet. She grew up in Queens (no accent), and is of a rare breed of people who are native New Yorkers. Smartest Cleverest Smartest is her most favorite thing to be working on, unless finding something good to eat also counts as work.

If you want to email Grace and ask her questions or to make a post request, or maybe just say hello, you can email her at grace[AT]smartestcleverest.com.



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