Wrap It Up. August 23 2013.

Jasper in Box Hammock

Aww, it’s Mr. Jasper.  I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the ways of cats, but this orange tabby has never met a box that couldn’t be lounged in. This particular box was approximately 1/3 too small for his husky build, but he assessed, wiggled and found a way to make it work, hammock-style.  The world is a nap surface.

It’s been a busy week, and I’m looking to forward to some quality putzing time on the New York City streets and my couch.  Earlier this week, I applied for yoga teacher training, which I have been thinking about for a long time.  And then I got in!  (Yay me!!) Plus ten grownup points.  And then I accidentally paid for it twice and threw my finances into a tizzy.  (Boooooooooo.)  Minus ten grownup points.  Rules for the weekend: Less money spending and less alcohol drinking.


Animals jumping on trampolines.  My favorite part is the Shiba Inu, who is analyzing the trampoline so hard he can’t possibly enjoy himself. Like, ugggghhh, if I only had the right tools, I could only fix this gosh darn broken floor and everything would be fine.

Have you guys seen Maisy and Lennon Stella on Nashville yet?  Their rendition of Ho Hey by The Lumineers is just the best, I can’t get over how talented and adorable they are.

Guys with fancy lady hair.

I’m trying to get the family to go to a new place in Flushing for dim sum.  I love our standby Dong Yi Feng, but sometimes you just want to try something new.  Any suggestions?

Have an amazing weekend! (Can you believe that summer is almost over??! Go outside!  Fly a kite! Tan!)

Love, Grace




I wore my Obama tube socks all night, and they totally worked.  You can thank me later.  Or now.  Or never.

I lucked onto this little gem yesterday morning on Neatorama by Mumford & Sons, and now just can’t stop playing it on repeat.  Pretty video, pretty song.


Which made me think of this Black Keys song.


Which is also on my repeat playlist.

You should smooch anyone who plays you this song.  Or at the very least lick their face.  Love.

And then I thought of this classic Wilco song.  Bob Dylan much?


What can I say, my mind works in categories.  Pretty, pretty, little categories.

Alicia Keys, ‘Girl On Fire’

Bon Iver, ‘Flume’, Live at Radio City Music Hall

I have hit my concert-going peak.  Last Wednesday, I saw Bon Iver play at Radio City Music Hall.  My seats?  Dead center, second row from the stage in the orchestra pit, with no one sitting in front of me.  Um, hello, the front row is for weenies – the pit is where is it at.   I managed to get a video of Mr. Justin Vernon singing ‘Flume,’ right before he sang a lovely version of Skinny Love, which I only managed to get the smallest snippet of because my technology is smarter than I am.  Please note how still my hand was for the whole of the video.  Backpat.


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